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Rousse chaude put vicks on your feet to stop coughing

my son had his first cold I heard from many, many mothers that I should put Vicks VapoRub on his feet at night to shorten his cold. Using Vicks VapoRub on the feet may distract a child from their symptoms, but theres no way for it to be more effective if applied there, says pediatrician. Ive stopped taking the statin. I have lactose intolerance and get very uncomfortable, embarrassing gas if I ingest something containing lactose. It is certainly worth a try for a child, however, since most cough syrups dont work very well in kids. Q: What is the relationship between long-term statin use (specifically atorvastatin) and adult-onset Type 2 diabetes? While Vicks VapoRub isnt ingested, there is some evidence that in its traditional form it can increase mucous production in the throat of infants as well as cause skin irritation. Why applying this ointment to the soles of the feet could quell a cough remains a mystery. There is more information about the strange and wonderful ways people have applied this venerable remedy in our. I have heard for years that when your child has a cough, you should put Vicks on his feet. Its a little high in carbs but low in red meat and high in seafood and plant proteins. I have no family history of diabetes. A: One website that does this well is DailyMed. If you think about it, it feels good to have a foot massage, its relaxing, which may be where the perceived benefit is coming from, but its not from the product itself Vicks VapoRub or using it on the feet instead of on the chest. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the, american Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly advise against the use of any cough or cold medication for children under the age of six. Lipitor was prescribed for me in 1998 and has successfully lowered my cholesterol. I am sure others may have the same problem and may not even be aware that there is lactose in their medications. Thanks for sharing your personal experiment.


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Mythbusting: Does Vicks: Rousse chaude put vicks on your feet to stop coughing

You can email them via their website. My husband said to put it on his feet. Thank you for supporting real journalism. I asked my mom for advice and she told me to cover my daughters feet in Vicks VapoRub at night and then put socks on her. Vicks VapoRub has been around since 1919, when a Spanish flu epidemic solidified its place in American medicine cabinets, but only in relatively recent history have consumers begun using it on their feet instead of its intended application on the chest and neck. How could it possibly work? Youll learn more about controlling cholesterol and blood sugar with and without drugs in Best Choices From The Peoples Pharmacy (available at m). Cut back on carbs and keep up the exercise. My wife said, Dont be such a baby; just. I thought that was ridiculous. Sometimes a childs symptoms actually improve as a part of the course of the virus and if weve tried a new treatment we can inaccurately attribute that improvement to the treatment. . A study in the journal Pediatrics (December 2010) showed that Vicks on the chest worked better to calm kids coughs than no treatment or a placebo chest rub. He says that despite many attempts, theres still no cure for the common cold.

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